The SD2W guitar amplifier circuit has more features and install flexibility than any other comparable circuit on the market! With 2 watts of power, our circuit uses SMT (Surface Mount Technology) manufacturing making it small enough for just about any enclosure. With features like volume, tone and gain controls just like a full-size amplifier, the SD2W is a favorite with CBG (Cigar Box Guitar) builders.

The SD2W is a great way to “get your feet wet” as a mini amp builder. Offered as a circuit plus (+) which includes the tone and gain potentiometers, EZ Solder with all components pre wired and finally, our No Solder harness which is ready to install. Complete kits with a 3.4" speaker and all hardware are also available.

Our amplifier circuits have been used for amp-in-case builds, amp-in-guitar designs and of course, stand alone amplifiers using everything from a cigar box to a soup can! We encourage you to “think outside the box” when it comes to choosing an enclosure. Build your guitar playing friends a custom mini amp as a unique gift. Start your own or add to an existing small business selling your builds on line or at music festivals, craft shows and flea markets.

Powered by a 9V alkaline battery, the SD2W gives you the install flexibility and options to create a serious little TONE MONSTER for practice, busking, low level jamming or even recording. Not to be confused with the 1 watt brand name mini amps collecting dust on a shelf, the SD2W allows you to build a unique guitar amplifier in just a few hours. You are only limited by your imagination!

SD-2WH Features:
- 2 watts
- volume ~ power on/off

- tone
- gain
- 3.5mm headphone/ear bud output
- 1/4" guitar input
- 9V battery clip
- speaker leads
Recommended Speaker
2" to 6" Rated @ 2 to 10 watts 4 or 8 ohm

The SD2WH is designed as a mini amp circuit for use with small (2-6") low wattage (2 up to 10 watt) 4 or 8 ohm speakers.  If used with large high wattage guitar, PA, car audio or stereo speakers distorted sound, overheating and permanent damage to the circuit may result! Potentiometers are 6mm split shaft. Knobs are not included except in the complete kit.