Do you keep your tone control wide open because all other settings are dull and boring?

Want some fresh tones without a lot of soldering or installing a circuit which requires a battery?

The Tone Monster Passive Tone Enhancer (PTE) is our first “no battery required” upgrade for bass guitar.  Although often referred to as a varitone, the PTE is actually a capacitor switch that gives you a true bypass position along with 5 filters which removes or reduces (cuts) specific frequencies. Filtering is achieved by sending the signal through different capacitor values. We use polyester film capacitors for a balanced natural sound. The PTE is only 1" X 1 1/8" so it fits easily in most cavities. With simple no solder installation (small screwdriver required), the PTE gives your bass a new voice in just a few minutes.

If you are looking for some interesting rolled off tones that maintains volume and provides more presence than a traditional tone control, the PTE is worth your consideration! Also available in a pre wired harness with either one volume, two volumes or a balance and volume.

Position 1 – True Bypass

Position 2 - Hi Cut (max) 0.01uf

Position 3 - Hi Cut 0.022uf

Position 4 - Hi & Mid Cut 0.047uf

Position 5 - Mid Cut 0.1uf

Position 6 - Mid Cut (max) 0.15uf

Most preamps that offer an active/passive function use a standard tone potentiometer in the passive mode. It may be stacked with another control or a separate potentiometer like our Tone Monster SEB-PA+ models. But with the recent introduction of our PTE (Passive Tone Enhancer) circuit we can now offer some fresh and useful tones in the passive mode!
The reason you upgrade your bass with a preamp is to have more output and greater control over your tone. So instead of just a basic tone potentiometer you can have a capacitor switch featuring bypass and 5 filters with high and mid frequency cut variations. This gives your bass two distinct voices with the sonic capabilities of the preamp in the active mode and tones you just cannot coax out of a standard potentiometer in the passive mode.
Both the SEB2-ABPA and SEB3-ABPA preamps will be available with the PTE upgrade.