The MAH3 has all the bells & whistles to make your next guitar amplifier build the envy of all of your friends. With a full 3 watts of power, it features (3) levels of overdrive from sweet vintage tube to classic rock and all out metal mayhem! Loaded with our proprietary tone exspander circuit which not only provides enhanced EQ control but a flat boost for tones that rival many full size guitar amplifiers. Other features include volume, red power LED and a standard guitar input jack. Powered by a 9V alkaline battery for complete portability, you can also use 6-AA (9V) or 8-AA (12V) for additional play time. You can even power multiple speakers for a classic twin build! Not to be confused with all those pint-sized 1 watt or less replicas of brand names amps collecting dust on your shelf, the MAH3 is a serious little TONEMONSTER!

This is not a "gut a no name mini amp and put it in a cigar box" but a custom designed amplifier circuit. Great for low level jamming, practice, busking and even for recording. Best of all it allows you to create a personal statement with your choice of the enclosure. From cigar boxes and vintage radios to custom built enclosures and lunches boxes, we always recommend that you "think outside the box" for a unique build!

MAH3 Features
- 3 watts
- volume
- tone
- (3) levels of overdrive

Power Off/Tube/Rock/Metal
- 3.5mm headphone/ear bud output jack
- 1/4" guitar input jack
- 9V battery clip
- red power LED
- speaker leads

The MAH3 is designed as a mini amp circuit for use with small (2-6") low wattage (3 up to 10 watt) 4 or 8 ohm speakers. If used with large high wattage guitar, PA, car audio or stereo speakers distorted sound, overheating and permanent damage to the circuit may result! All leads are approximately 7"/180mm in length. Potentiometers are 6mm split shaft. Knobs are not included!