If you've been looking for the punch, power and tones available with an active preamp the TONEMONSTER SBK Series preamps have a model ready to install in your new build or existing instrument. Manufactured in South Korea, they feature an advanced Surface Mount Technology (SMT) design minimizing the cavity space required. Top quality components and meticulous soldering ensures noise free performance for a superior tone to dollar value! With 8 configurations (3-5 potentiometers) to choose from and a +/- 12dB range for either 2 (treble/bass) or 3 (treble/middle/bass) bands of equalization they will make your passive pickups sing!

Pre wired and ready to install, other features include a hi/lo frequency shift or a hi/lo mids toggle switch option (SBK-3A/AD), a NO SOLDER terminal block for pickup connection (neck~shared ground~bridge) and brass shaft potentiometers for smoother control and longer life. Installation is typically a breeze - connect your pickups and solder the bridge ground to the back of the volume potentiometer. For single pickup or pickup selector switch applications simply remove the balance potentiometer and wire direct.

The SBK Series circuit board is only 25D X 30W mm so it takes up minimal cavity space however since a potentiometer is mounted on the circuit board a minimum cavity depth of 1 ¼” is required. The SBK-A models reduce the number of potentiometers by combining functions with a concentric (stacked) potentiometer. Powered by a 9V alkaline battery (not included) the circuit can handle up to 18V (2-9V in series) for slightly increased increased headroom. We offer DIY power upgrades including the BAT-1 (18V) or BAT-2 (9 or 18V switchable). Also available is the DIY PAT-1, passive/active toggle switch, which functions as a bypass and allows for volume control in the passive mode. The PAT-2 adds (2) tone fixed tone positions (.022uf & .047uf) in the passive mode.

We suggest using pickups with similar outputs, either magnetic or piezoelectric, but not both together since the balance (blend) function is passive. Also, our preamps were designed for use and work best with passive pickups.


Manufactured in South Korea

Pre wired harness ready to install

Brass shaft potentiometers for smoother control and longer life

Center detent on balance and treble/middle/bass potentiometers

+/-12dB for either 2 or 3 bands of equalization

Configurations from 3 to 5 potentiometers

Hi/Lo frequency shift and Hi/Lo mids toggle switch options (SBK-3A/AD)

Balance potentiometer with aNO SOLDERterminal block for pickup connection

DIY upgrades available for power (18V) and passive/active volume

Treble: +/-12 dB at 4 kHz

Middle: +/- 12dB at 800 Hz

Hi/Lo Frequency Shift or Hi/Lo Toggle: +/- 2dB at 2kHz (SBK-3A/3AD)

Bass: +/-12 dB at 60 Hz

Balance: MN500K w/center detent
Input Impedance: 1Mohm
Current: 0.16 mA
Voltage range: 6 ~ 22 volt
Battery Requirement: 9V alkaline
(battery life 1000+ hours)

Standard Potentiometers: 6mm
Concentric (stacked) Potentiometers: 6mm top / 8mm bottom

SBK Preamp Models

SBK-2 (4 pots) Balance~Volume~Treble~Bass

SBK-2D (3 pots) Balance ~ Volume Treble/Bass

SBK-3 (5 pots) Balance~Volume~Treble~Middle~Bass

SBK-3D (4 pots) Balance~Volume~Treble/Bass~Middle

SBK-3A (5 pots) Balance-Volume~Treble~Middle/Frequency Shift~Bass

SBK-3A-DT (5 pots + toggle) Balance~Volume~Treble~Bass~Middle~Hi/Lo

SBK-3AD (4 pots) Balance~Volume~Treble/Bass~Middle/Frequency Shift

SBK-3AD-DT (4 pots + toggle) Balance~Volume~Treble/Bass~Middle~Hi/Lo