The MAH5 is our top-of-the-line battery powered guitar amplifier circuit. Not just an upgraded version of our MAH3 circuit but a completely new circuit design. To increase output, add functionality and keep the circuit board as small as possible, it required several prototypes to get it just right. The final result is a NO SOLDER solution that allows you to build an awesome custom mini amp in just a few hours. With features like 5 watts of power, volume, tone, clean & (4) levels of overdrive (Tube/Blues/Rock/Metal) and even an MP3/IPOD input, it is the ultimate NO SOLDER DIY guitar amplifier circuit.

If you want to build an amplifier for busking, low level jamming and even recording, look no further as the MAH5 is hands down your best choice. Install in a cigar box or other suitable enclosure for a rockin' mini combo amp! Use an effect pedal enclosure to create a POCKET MONSTER to power various speaker enclosures or as a personal practice tool! The MAH5 takes the custom mini amp to the next level. You can build a personal statement that is both functional and portable. Whether building an amp for yourself, as a gift or for resale, the MAH5 will set your build apart from the rest!

With a full 5 watts of power, you have a choice of tones from crystal clean to metal mayhem. The tone expander circuit provides a flat boost and enhanced EQ control making the MAH5 a real TONE MONSTER! We added an IPOD/MP3 input (3.5mm jack) so you can play along with your favorite music and even an "A" tuning note so you have one less thing (tuner) to carry with you. As with all of our mini amp harnesses, a 3.5mm headphone/ear bud jack is included and turns off the speaker when in use.  Complete portability with a 9V alkaline battery or you can use either 6 (9V) or 8 (12V) AA batteries for extended play time. The MAH5 is simply the most full-featured NO SOLDER guitar amplifier harness on the market today!

MAH5 Features
- 5 watts
- volume ~ power on/off
- tone expander
- clean + (4) levels of overdrive Tube/Blues/Rock/Metal
- "A" tuning note
- 3.5mm headphone/ear bud output
- 1/4" guitar input
- 3.5mm MP3/IPOD input
- 9V battery clip
- red power LED
- speaker leads

The MAH5 is designed as a mini amp circuit for use with small (2-6") low wattage (5 up to 15 watt) 4 or 8 ohm speakers. If used with large high wattage guitar, PA, car audio or stereo speakers distorted sound, overheating and permanent damage to the circuit may result! MAH5 leads are approximately 7"/180mm. Potentiometers are 6mm split shaft. Knobs are not included!