Take advantage of your pickup's potential!

The TONE MONSTER TM4WSPickup Coil Selector takes a different approach to 4-wire humbucker coil switching. Instead of the typical push/pull potentiometers or mini toggle switches, we use a high quality four (4) way rotary switch that has an attached circuit board with EZ solder contacts to simplify the install and coil split function. It allows for the selection of both coils, single coil or a combination of the two (see diagram). The TM4WS typically replaces one of the tone potentiometers in a standard 2 volume 2 tone configuration. Clearly marked solder contacts for the pickups, volumes and grounds makes for an easy installation. The switch itself is quite small (1 1/16” X 1 3/16”) and requires a minimum cavity depth of 1”.

Experience installing pickups, ability to follow a diagram and good soldering skills are highly recommended to properly install and for the best result.

You will need to know or be able to determine the wire color codes for proper connection of the pickups as they can vary by manufacturer.

The TM4WS is also available in a ready to install 3 way toggle, (2) volume, (1) tone, TM4WS and an output jack harness.