Tired of having a bunch of effect pedals to create that wall of tube amp tones?
Forget the cables, boxes and power supplies!
The OCTANE OVERDRIVE SG-4D V1.2 adds pedal style overdrive right on board your guitar or bass!

Our easy to install circuit or pre wired harness gives you effect pedal tones on board your guitar! From clean to heavy metal mayhem, the OCTANE OVERDRIVE SG4D V1.2 features a rotary switch with a BYPASS position along with CLEAN BOOST, BLUES, ROCK and METAL presets. The circuit includes a GAIN trim (level) potentiometer (little blue cube) to increase or decrease the incoming signal for enhanced tone control. 

Manufactured in South Korea using SMT (Surface Mount Technology) allows the circuit board to be only 25 X 30 mm taking up minimal cavity space. Quality components for noise free analog tube type tones right inside the cavity of your guitar or bass. So next time a spontaneous jam takes place all you will need is one cord and your amp to rock the house! With a battery life of 1500+ hours it will be a long time in between battery changes. You can also just add an input jack and install in an enclosure instead of your guitar.

Includes a 9V battery clip, basic installation diagram and a tip sheet. 
Please note a 1/4" TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) output jack is required for the on/off power function.

Want to bring out those mid range frequencies for a fat thick tone from your single coil pickups? Our maybe make your humbuckers shout out a screaming solo? With up to 5dB of controllable gain and measuring only 48L X 20W mm, the SG2D FULL THROTTLE will fit in almost any cavity. Powered by a 9V battery choose from the TG model which features both a gain potentiometer and mini toggle switch for active/passive or the PP version (push/pull active/passive gain potentiometer) which combines the functions. The circuit board includes a double-sided adhesive pad to hold it securely in place.

With a flip of a switch and twist of a knob you can go from zero to a wall of tone without an effect pedal.The SG2D FULL THROTTLE will drive a tube amp or pedal board right to its sweet spot and give you the power to cut through any mix. Basic installation diagram and a tip sheet included. Requires a TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) output jack to control the circuit's on/off power function and a 9V alkaline battery.

It takes very little cavity space and works great with both passive or active pickups as well as other tone circuits like our SG4D OCTANE OVERDRIVE. Minimal voltage requirements and 1500+ hours of continuous use means it can share power with your other "cavity goodies".

Add to our SBK Series Preamp/EQ for an additional 5dB boost along with preset frequency range enhancement. If you are serious about your tone, the SG3D NITRO BOOSTER is an effective low cost upgrade for your guitar or bass.The NITRO BOOSTER SG3D is a combination of an equalizer and booster in one! 

The first position (Hi/Low) is a frequency expander of both the high and low frequency ranges giving your guitar shimmering highs and thumpin' lows. The middle position (Flat) adding dBs but without any coloration of the guitar's tone. The third position (Middle) is a mid frequency peak controller which brings out the mid-range that heavy rock and metal players enjoy. Unlike a conventional 3 band equalizer (bass-middle-treble) that changes the gain (dBs) as well as the frequency ranges, the NITRO BOOSTER SG3D maintains the same amount of gain or boost for each setting. This means no drop off or increase in volume while switching.

High-Low  -5dB~+10dB
Flat  0dB~+4dB
Middle  -2dB~+10dB

Dimensions: 18W X 23D mm

Includes a 9V battery clip, basic installation diagram and a tip sheet.
Requires a TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) output jack to control the power on/off function!