GUITAR FUEL Performance Products



Our under saddle piezoelectric transducer pickups are manufactured using the highest quality PZT (Piezo Zirconate Titanate) material to ensure a stable, efficient and balanced platform for an uncolored acoustic tone. Each pickup has individual ceramic sensors for a superior string-to-string balance as compared to contact, disc or cable style piezo pickups. Copper foil surrounds the ceramic sensors for maximum conductivity and no loss of tone.

Although our under saddle pickups have enough output to be used without a preamp we recommend a quality end pin or traditional preamp for increased output, volume/tone control, proper grounding and changing the high impedance signal to a low impedance output for your amplifier or sound system. Unlike the traditional rigid steel design, the flexible transparent covering and copper foil allows for the compensation of minor saddle channel irregularities. This means you will have the same amount of sensor contact for each string and the proper balance. An industry standard 2.5mm plug end completes a high quality under saddle pickup that provides a true balanced acoustic noise free tone.

SAP - Steel String Acoustic Guitar

SAC - Nylon String Classical Guitar

SAU - Ukulele

SAM - Mandolin

SA4B - 4 String Bass Guitar

SA5B - 5 String Bass Guitar