Smaller (32mm vs 36mm) and thinner (10mm vs 15mm) than our ST1!
Attached cable is 7"/180mm

The ST2 uses our SPS passive output jack and a standard guitar cord. The ST2D offers (2) surface transducers so you can place one near the instrument's bridge and the other in a "sweet spot" giving you a very full and even tone. Simple "plug & play" design keeps modification of your instrument to a minimum and makes the installation process painless.

With a 27mm surface diameter it covers enough area to faithfully reproduce the acoustic tone of just about any stringed instrument. Guitar, mandolin, ukulele, dulcimer, harp, oud, hurdy gurdy, piano and alternative instruments.

ST2 Specifications:
Resonant Frequency : 3.8±0.5KHZ
Resonant Impedance : 250Ωmax
Input Voltage : 20V p-p max
Dimension (mm): D32 * H10

Looking to amplify your instrument without cutting holes or installing an under saddle piezo? Look no further as our ST Series surface transducers are a simple "peel & stick" (3M) solution for just about any acoustic instrument. With a tone similar to a condenser microphone, the ST Series will pick up the nuances of your playing style making it also well suited for percussion instruments like the cajon.



The ST1 is the easiest way to amplify your instrument. Simply plugs directly into an amplifier or sound system with the included cable.

Resonant Frequency : 4.0±0.5KHZ
Resonant Impedance : 280Ωmax
 Input Voltage : 30V p-p max
Dimension (mm): D36 * H15