Also sold as a package with our TONE MONSTER SEB3-P preamp, it allows you to add acoustic tones to your electric guitar for far less than you would expect. An independent volume with an on/off function allows you to mix with the guitar's current passive wiring and magnetic pickups. Unlike "volume only" preamps, the SEB3-P gives you 3 bands of equalization (treble/middle/bass) along with a gain control via trim potentiometers so you can fine tune your acoustic tone.

Our TB012 Piezo Transducer Bridge makes a great upgrade for your existing instrument or new build. Originally designed for one of the top guitar manufacturers in the industry, we were offered the opportunity to make this incredible piece of hardware available to our customers. Manufactured in South Korea, (6) individual high quality piezoelectric transducer saddles provide a realistic acoustic tone from your TOM (tune-o-matic) equipped guitar. Most manufacturers just mount a piezoelectric transducer to a standard solid metal saddle. The TB012's saddles were designed to achieve the best acoustic tone possible. Compare and you will quickly see the difference!

The TB012 simply plugs into the preamp using an industry standard 2.5mm plug so soldering is not required. It also includes (2) adjustable 6.3mm diameter mounting posts.

Mounting Posts: 2 7/8" / 73.5mm center (6.3mm diameter)
Bridge: 3 3/8" / 85.7mm total length ~ 1/2" / 12.7mm width

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