Specialty passive wiring harnesses feature balance potentiometers along with volume and tone controls. The PJB-1 allows for the connection of two under saddle or surface transducers equipped with 2.5mm plug ends. The TBB-1 offers a NO SOLDER terminal block for two pickups. Shield wire connection, standard JS mini (16mm) 500K potentiometers, .047uF capacitor (tone) and an output jack.

When your build deserves only the best, top quality passive wiring harnesses featuring all South Korean manufactured parts including JS mini (16mm) 250k/500K brass shaft potentiometers, JS blade and toggle switches, 22 awg. wire, .022 & .047 uF capacitors (tone potentiometer), bridge ground and an output jack. With nothing less than meticulous soldering you can expect noise free performance. Long life brass shaft potentiometers gives you a smooth and more accurate response than economy potentiometers. All potentiometers and output jacks include (2) nuts and (1) washer.