GUITAR FUEL Performance Products


The TMA-11P is a professional acoustic preamp system for your 6 or 12 string acoustic guitar! With an extended frequency range for enhanced bass and mids along with a 20% increase in output over similar models, the TMA-11P is our answer for the musician seeking a high quality guitar preamp for both the studio and stage.

Thumb wheel volume & tone controls (STC-1) mount inside your guitar's sound hole with the included double-sided adhesive pad. A new under saddle piezo pickup (SAP v.2) was designed specifically for the TGA-11P. A slight reduction in the size compared to the standard SAP, it faithfully reproduces not only the tone of your guitar but the nuances of your playing style. Finger pickers (stylists) will enjoy the increased dynamics and punchy tone. Solos will be right out in front of the mix. Strummed chords are full bodied and powerful.

Installation is straight forward. Enlargement of the existing strap button hole and the addition of the under saddle pickup is all that is required. This means minimal modification to your cherished instrument! Even our exclusive pouch uses Velcro to secure the 9V battery. Cable guides keep everything neat & tidy!

Battery Req. : DC9V
Current : 80microamps at 9V
Active Voltage Range : ~2.5V
Input Jack : 2.5mm
Nickel Plated End pin Jack
Single Channel Preamp
Clean, crisp sound amplification.
Long battery life (up to 1500 hours).
Thumb wheel volume and tone controls
Input Impedance = 1Mohm
Output Impedance = 3Kohm


The TMA-22P v.2 was designed for the guitar player who wants an expressive and bold acoustic tone for either the studio or stage. A dual channel (blender) system, it features both a condenser microphone and a new flexible film sensor to produce an accurate reproduction of your guitar’s tone. Unlike a traditional piezo pickup with individual sensors requiring string compression, the film sensor follows the movement of your guitar’s top. This eliminates the potential for an unbalanced output and noise associated with the constant change in string pressure while playing. It also allows for a far greater dynamic range for the best tone possible.


Other features include thumb wheel volume (pickup/microphone) and tone (pickup) controls which mount inside the guitar’s sound hole for easy access. Also included is a 9V battery pouch with peel & stick Velcro installation and cable guides to keep everything tidy and in place. Although minimal modification to your guitar (enlargement of the strap hole button to 1/2"~13mm) is required the proper installation of the film sensor is critical to the performance of the unit. Installation by a certified technician or luthier is highly recommended.

With the ability to blend via independent volume controls for a full lush tone, the TMA-22P is a professional pickup system for your 6 or 12 string acoustic guitar.

Battery Req. : DC9V
Current : 80 microamps at 9V
Active Voltage Range : 4.5V~16V
Frequency Range : 10-30000 Hz
Input Impedance = 1Mohm
Output Impedance = 1Kohm
Average Current : 0.8 mA
Long battery life (up to 500 hours).
Thumb wheel volume (pickup/microphone) and tone (pickup)
Input Jack : 2.5mm condenser microphone

Output Jack : ¼” standard