You Solder circuits and No Solder harnesses as well as complete kits including a speaker, our guitar amplifier circuits let you build a rockin' mini amp in just a few hours. From 2 to 5 watts with features including overdrive, headphone output and an MP3/phone input you can be very creative with the choice of enclosure making your build a true personal statement. Great for practice, recording or busking!


Powered by a 9V battery and easy to install, our active tone circuits give you pedal performance right on board your guitar or bass. Whether you want tube style overdrive, a clean boost with EQ enhancement or a gain driven mid frequency effect we've got you covered. 


Manufactured in South Korea, our preamps feature an advanced Surface Mount Technology (SMT) design and top quality components for a superior tone to dollar value! Offered in both 2 and 3 band models with a frequency shift or Hi/Lo mids toggle option, they are a complete easy to install solution which will unleash the power and tone of your passive pickups. If you've been looking for the punch, power and tones available with an active preamp the SBK & SEB SERIES has a model ready to install in your new build or existing instrument.


High quality pre wired harnesses for guitar and bass using brass shaft potentiometers, .022/.047uF capacitors (tone), blade & toggle switches, output jacks and 22 AWG wire for noise free performance.