Acoustic Preamp

For either the traditional or alternative instrument builder, our AVT and SEB3-P (piezo) and SEB-M (magnetic) active preamps are a simple and effective way to plug in and be heard! Features include potentiometers for minimal modification to the instrument and a 2.5mm input jack for either a under saddle pickup or surface transducer. The AVT is offered in 2 versions - standard or with a wired tone potentiometer (AVT-F) The SEB3-P and SEB3-M preamps are a unique custom design with only an exposed volume/on~off potentiometer. Trim potentiometers, adjusted using a screwdriver, handle the level (gain) and tone functions (treble/middle/bass) for a "set it and forget it" approach.

Our output jacks are a passive solution for both under saddle pickups and surface transducer applications! A 2.5mm (1/8") input jack converts to a standard 6.3mm (1/4") output jack so you can connect directly to an amplifier or sound system. Models include both flush mount and end pin style in chrome, gold and nickel.

The ST Series of surface transducers makes it easy to amplify any acoustic instrument. With a peel & stick adhesive back, simply adhere to the inside or outside of your instrument to pick up a full tone similar to a condenser microphone. You can plug directly into your amplifier or a passive output jack without the install requirements of a UST (under saddle transducer) or battery required for a preamp.

Acoustic End Pin Preamp
The acoustic end pin preamp is a minimally invasive solution for those who do not want to cut a large opening in their cherished guitar's body. Our TM Series preamps are professional level systems with increased output and enhanced presence as compared to similar products. Features include a specially designed under saddle flexible film sensor for 6 or 12 string guitar and a dual channel system which allows you to blend with a condenser microphone.

Under Saddle Transducer
Our Under Saddle Transducers (UST) are manufactured in South Korea using only the highest quality components for a noise free natural tone and superior output. We offer models for (6/12) steel string guitar, nylon/classical guitar, bass (4/5 string), ukulele and our PMB1 piezo mandolin bridge