Perfect for traditional instruments such as guitar, mandolin and ukulele as well as alternative builds such as a CBG (Cigar Box Guitar), harp, cajon, dulcimer, hurdy gurdy, etc. The AVT features both a volume (on/off) and tone potentiometer (6mm shaft) mounted on the circuit board with a 1"/26mm center. By using potentiometers installation requires just (3) small holes for volume, tone and the output jack. No large cutout required and minimal tools for installation are required.
The circuit board dimensions are 1.5"/45mm (length) X 1"/26mm (depth). Features include an industry standard 2.5mm input jack for your UST (under saddle transducer) and a 3.5mm output jack for the included cable which ends in a 1/4" output jack. The unit also includes small black control knobs (10X10mm), self adhesive cable guides and a nylon 9V battery pouch with Velcro "peel & stick" installation for inside the instrument. 

The AVT-F (flexible) features a wired tone potentiometer for additional install flexibility.

Great for replacing existing volume/tone preamps.


The AVT and AVT-F are available with a UST (under saddle transducer) for

guitar (steel/nylon), bass (4/5 string) and ukulele!

Input Impedance = 1Mohm
Output Impedance = 2Kohm
Battery Required: 9V Alkaline
Current: 80 mA @ 9V
Active Voltage Range: ~2.5V
Dimensions: 42mm W X 24mm H X 26mm D
Input Jack: 2.5mm
Output Jack: 6.3mm (1/4")
Volume ~ On/Off

The SEB3-P is a great option for the custom builder

looking to minimize the number of exposed controls!

The far majority of players find the preamp EQ settings that sound best with the instrument and then rarely, if ever, change them. We took this into consideration when designing the SEB3-P and SEB3-M. Installation requires only one hole for the volume potentiometer. No large cutout or multiple holes required! Taking a "set it and forget it approach", you simply adjust the SEB3Ps gain, bass, middle and treble trim potentiometers with a small screwdriver. Then mount inside the instrument, out of sight, with the included self-adhesive pad.

The SEB3-P features the industry standard 2.5mm input jack for under saddle transducer (UST). With the same specifications and sound quality as our popular SEB3 preamp, it replaces the bass, middle and treble mini potentiometers with trim potentiometers just like the gain control. This makes it possible for the entire preamp to be only 45L X 25W X 10D mm!! A mini (16mm) volume potentiometer also handles the on/off power function.

Features & Specifications
2.5mm Input Jack
9V Battery Clip
1/4" Output Jack
Volume (on/off)
Gain (Level) trim potentiometer
Bass: +/-12 dB at 100 Hz
Middle +/- 12dB at 800 Hz
Treble: +/-12 dB at 4 kHz
Current 0.40mA
Voltage Range 6~18V