The SBK & SEB Series active guitar and bass preamps in various configurations (3 to 5 potentiometers) with either 2 or 3 bands of equalization plus mid sweep (frequency shift) on some models. Combined functions using concentric (stacked) potentiometers along with SMT (Surface Mount Technology) reduces the amount of cavity space required. With a high impedance input and low impedance output all of our preamps work with great with passive pickups as well as piezoelectric transducers.


Build your own guitar amp in about an hour with our exclusive harnesses! With 4 models (SD2W, MAC-3W, MAH3 & MAH5) to choose from and your choice of USOLDER or EZ SOLDER circuit, NO SOLDER harness or complete kit, including the speaker, you just add the enclosure. Whether a cigar box, custom build or something experimental, our amplifier circuits have found their way into some very creative builds! Take a moment and check out our CUSTOMER CORNER.


Active (9-18V) tone circuits to enhance the sound of your guitar or bass! Our circuits can be installed in a cavity, enclosure or pedal. Circuits can be combined for complete sonic mayhem. Selectable overdrive (Octane Overdrive), mid range booster with variable gain (Full Throttle) and preset Hi/Lo~Flat~Mid EQ enhancement with a 5dB boost (Nitro Booster)!


Add acoustic tones to your TOM (tune-o-matic) equipped electric guitar! Featuring six (6) high quality piezo saddles, industry standard 2.5mm plug and adjustable posts, our Piezo Transducer Bridge was originally manufactured for one of the most respected guitar companies in the industry. Also available in a complete package with our SEB3-P Acoustic Preamp which gives you 3 bands of equalization (treble~middle~bass), single volume control installation and
the ability to blend with your existing passive wiring.
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