It goes back to 1975 and the installation of a DiMarzio Super Distortion pickup with a coil split in an Ibanez Artist which is still rockin' today! In pursuit of better tone, the simplicity of wire, potentiometers, a capacitor and pickups to change those vibrations into electrical impulses has evolved over time but in some ways, remained the same. Today, active electronics and cutting edge pickup designs have given both the player and builder new tools for their sonic arsenal. Many still seek the vintage tones of the past but the tones of today....modern, powerful, clearly defined are hard to resist.
Whether a new build or upgrade to an existing instrument, you have the ability to create a signature tone. All of the great guitarists can easily be identified by their tone. From pickups to pedals to amplifiers, all of us chase the tone that inspires us to play even better! You have the chops but your tone
is what will separate you from all the other players.


TONE is your signature. Your calling card. Your ticket to the next level!

The tone monster

GUITAR FUEL was born out of the need to get the latest tone enhancement products into the hands of the working musician, hobbyist and custom builder. No longer are you limited to the "name brands" that add in advertising, lots of overhead and a good dose of profit to their price. We had a better idea!


Partner with an experienced South Korean manufacturer in order to offer products that are cutting edge and top quality but affordable. Depend on word-of-mouth, forums, blogs and product reviews for advertising. And without the expense of a brick & mortar store, overhead is kept to a minimum. We pass these savings directly on to our customers so the working musician can afford to upgrade in pursuit of better tone
. The custom builder can add the "bells & whistles" and still keep prices competitive.


Let us help you turn your existing guitar, bass or new build into a fire breathing TONE MONSTER!
If you're looking to capture sweet acoustic bliss from some beautiful tone woods, we have 'ya covered there too!

Our mission statement is simple:
Offer top quality cutting edge products at affordable prices while
providing the best customer experience possible with every sale!

We turned our passion for all things guitar into a business with a commitment to the customer experience. You'll note it time and again in the generous feedback that we have received. We're not looking for one time sales but long term customers!


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